The Frantor Office was founded after 10 years of experience and work exercise in the field of franchising.

The Kick-off point in the office foundation was not traditional, as usual in the Consulting Offices; the office started its work strongly depending on the extensive experience and the great relationships of its staff working, starting from the Founder of the office. At the time being, the office is considered one of the sophisticated and specialized offices in the field of providing consultancy and marketing services in the field of franchising. Franchise office is based on Riyadh, the city where the First Franchising International Exhibition & Conference started in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2008, thanks to the expertise of its staff in the franchise various activities.

The Frantor Office offers its services inside and outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia covering a number of the activities relating to franchising and its legal requirements. The Frantor Office works closely to its clients to get their satisfactions through the services provided. The Frantor Office is permanently dedicates it-self to develop and progress its services through extending its relationships and global experience with the specialists and consultants working in franchising field, and to get benefit from their in developing the local projects and activities.

The Frantor Office has an understanding and awareness of he Local Saudi Market in terms of legal, technical and cultural applications to communicate with the local and global market to develop and success the business of both Franchisers and Franchisees.

Who we can help

  • Who wants to start franchise business
  • Companies who are already franchising
  • Manufacturers currently selling through dealers or distributors
  • New investors who desire to start their own brands
Our Mission
Providing services to various entities tha are in need to invest its funds by using local and foreign franchising, through targetting the entities which desier to make successful and secured investment by small and medium franchising projects and to work with it side by side to achieve its goals in investment and expansion through franchising system
Our Vision
To provide top-notch and distinctive services to meet our customer's full and continued satisfaction through providing high-quality consultancy services and solutions, to be one of the Leading Franchiseing Services Providers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia