Customize Your FRANCHISE

Deciding to own a business is a big decision. It is important that the decision made by you leads you to progress and prosperity.

Getting in touch with our team of experts at the Frantor can help you in this process. Available 24*7, our team of consultants at the Frantor is capable of guiding you throughout the process of buying a franchise.

Step by step Process:

  1. Contact Us: Once you have made the decision of customizing a franchise, then it is suggested that you get in touch with us. It is guaranteed that your details will be kept confidential and will be used only to review the best business opportunity that we can offer you.
  2. Profile Generation: Post our initial conversation, you would now be handed a questionnaire in order to collect information about you and your customization criteria. This will allow us to form a profile for you.
  3. Consider Market Needs: Make sure there’s a market need for a new product or service. Just because a few customers request a certain product or service doesn’t mean it’s going to resonate with the entire market.
  4. Identifying The Ideal Business Model: Once we have generated your profile we would proceed towards finding the right kind of business model for you. For this we would ideally arrange a conversation with you, either by phone or in person. After understanding your criteria and goals a sample business model would be generated by us. This would be made keeping in mind all the information that has been provided to us from your end. Once you have studied and analyzed this model and are satisfied with it, only then would be proceed further. Once having the stamp of approval from your end would we be ready to suggest business types that would ideally match your model.
  5. Finding your Franchise Match: Having with us your selected business model would now allow us to suggest ideal franchise opportunities for you to consider. We would present you with a detailed profile of all the franchises shortlisted by us for you. You can go through these details and decide the one which best suits your business goals.
  6. Setting up the franchise: Once you have decided on to which franchise you would like to customize and establish, we would assist you with all the formalities required by you to set up that franchise business. This would include providing assistance to help you locate the required legal assistance.

Sorting through thousands of franchise opportunities can be overwhelming. Experience of a franchise consulting company like The Frantor comes in.

We understand that you have a busy schedule and it may not be easy for you to devote time on compiling the paperwork to pursue your franchise dreams. You can now hand over this task to us and relax! When you avail our consulting services we will work on your documents as per your specifications and deliver to you the final products which would be absolutely ready to use. As easy as that!

Our Consulting services include – but not limited to- working on:

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Your FDD provides key information to potential franchisees and defines their rights and duties in exhaustive detail. Our consultants will take over this task and will help you in setting initial fees, establishing your royalty structure, etc.

Franchise agreement

A franchise agreement is the binding contract between you and your franchisees. Drafting this document professionally by our consultants will get you an agreement that protects your interests.

Operations Manual

An operations manual provides clear and comprehensive directions on the daily operation of your business. A well drafted operations manual will clearly state the vision of your business and make it easy to follow.

Site Selection Manual

Help your franchisees find the most lucrative business sites with a manual that gives clear, thorough guidance on how to conduct smart site research. It would help them zero down on a good business site and aid in getting in more business.

Franchise Sales Training Manual

Selling franchises is not easy. It is an art. Our team of consultants at the Frantor have put in place a manual to teach you the nuances of franchise sales. It includes tips on connecting with prospects and closing the deal.

Attorney Review

Nothing at the Frantor is left to chance! Once our templates have been customized for your franchise, it would be looked over by our experienced franchise attorney in order to check the details.