The Frantor Office provided range of services to its valued customers, including but not limitation to:

Legal Services:

  • Providing legal consultations along with franchising services.
  • Drafting and reviewing the franchising agreements and ensures its conformity with the laws of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Drafting the addendums of the Franchising agreements, like the contracts of using trademarks and trade name, as well as drafting operations manuals and know-how disclosure agreements, etc.
  • Representing the clients before any committee, court or arbitration in relation to any matter concerning to Franchising after not settling the conflict arising among the parties by amicable methods.
  • Registration of trademarks, patents and related intellectual property rights.
  • Establishing foreign companies (off shore) of special purposes in a number of the countries over the world.

Brokerage Services:

  • Assisting foreign companies to enter the Saudi markets and nomination qualified Saudi investors in the field of franchising.
  • Assisting Saudi entities to find Saudi investors in the franchising field.
  • Establishing turnkey business for small and medium enterprises and looking for investors to it.

Development of Franchising Services:

  • Providing consultancy services in general to qualify the franchisors to work with the franchising system.
  • Assisting the current owners of franchising projects to develop their business and renewing the procedures of their daily transactions-style and methods.

Designing Services:

  • Design Decorations for franchising units to be in conformity with the identity of the Franchisor's original units.
  • Designing the identity of the companies including company's logo, letterheads, business cards, envelops, etc.