Why the FRANTOR?

Does the prospect of testing waters within a well established business model excite you? If yes then franchising is the best choice for you.

The Frantor not only helps you get acquainted with all the franchising choices available for you but goes ahead and helps you pick the one which is the BEST for you.

In the niche of franchising, the Frantor’s credibility is supported by in depth knowledge and experience of its team members. We understand the wide field of franchising completely and therefore have a clear idea on all the business aspects required to make your franchise business a success. So let us team up and work together towards finding your ideal franchise business.

The success of any organization rests on the experience and capability of its team. The team of consultants at the Frantor share huge experience in the field of franchising.

The team of the office consists of a number of professional specialists who have extensive and long –term experience in the field of franchising and its solutions. Our team members allocate and use their experience to achieve the benefit of office's customers completely. Our staff is working together in each project to achieve the purposes of our valued-loyal clients.

Completely professional, the consultants here are driven to provide clients with focused and knowledgeable support towards helping them establish a successful franchise. Guiding our clients towards a successful business is our foremost aim.

The Frantor Office is managed by the Legal Consultant and Franchise Expert Mr. Turki Fadhel - the Founder. The Founder obtained a Master Degree of Law from the United States of America in 2008. He worked as a Legal Consultant in different Legal Departments at several institutions including Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Turki Fadhel worked as a Secretary of Conciliation Committee in the disputes of the commercial agencies; the committee has been established by the Minister of Commerce to settle the disputes arising among the foreign clients and the Saudi agents including Franchisors and Franchisees. Mr. Turki Fadhel is considered one of Specialized Consultants in the Commercial Law that includes the organization of franchise and its related property rights and their solutions.