Why Investing in Saudi ARABIA?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing an exciting transformation. One of the most enterprising nations in the Middle East, Saudi’s vast natural energy combined with the long-term vision and strategic planning of its rulers has helped to create today’s stable, robust economy. Now, Saudi is looking to the future with an ambitious program of accelerated growth and development that will position it firmly as a new global force.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered the biggest free economic market in the Middle East since it possesses 25% of the Arab Gross National Product. Moreover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia possesses the biggest oil reserve in the world (25%) in addition to a number of promising natural resources in the mining sector.

Monetarily speaking, the Saudi Riyal is one of the most stable currencies in the world, and offers great competitive advantages in the region. There has been no significant change in its exchange value during the last 3 decades. There are no restrictions on foreign currency exchange and outgoing money transfers. Inflation rates in Saudi Arabia are very low and the Kingdom is endeavoring to sign bilateral agreements with an increasing number of countries regarding investment encouragement, protection and arrangement of taxation issues

Saudi’s unique geographic features offer investors distinct business advantages: unmatchable supplies of oil and gas mean that energy costs are low and constant plus, having borders with three continents ensures it can provide highly-efficient transport links.

Investment in Saudi Arabia realizes high profit ratios for local, foreign and shared projects, with low risk exposures, and a simple form of taxes and property registration fees. The Kingdom currently occupies the fifth rank regarding tax liabilities and fourth in property registration costs, according to business performance reports 2006/ 2007 issued by the International Bank.

The majority of Saudi Arabia population is young, with 45% of the country under 15 years of age. Recognizing this as the country’s greatest potential asset, the Government has spent billions of dollars towards actively improving the human resources development pattern to better provide for the economic boom set to continue in Saudi Arabia for the near future. All of this provides investors with more opportunities to select the highest caliber labor for their projects